Piesa zilei – No One Lives Forever, Oingo Boingo

Probabil că nu sunt mulţi cei care-şi aduc aminte de Oingo Boingo şi piesele lor din anii ’80… “Capitalism”, “It’s a Dead Man’s Party” sau… “No One Lives Forever”.

Dacă-mi aduc aminte bine, prima mea casetă “originală” pe care mi-am cumpărat-o, a fost una cu Oingo Boingo… dar… pentru ziua de azi… No One Lives Forever. Asta şi pentru că am găsit un montaj video fain 🙂


One of my favourite Oingo Boingo songs, “No One Lives Forever.” From the album “The Dead Man’s Party.” Lyrics in Description.

“No One Lives Forever/Dead Man’s Party” (C) 1985 MCA Records

You worry too much / You make yourself sad
You can’t change fate / But don’t feel so bad
Enjoy it while you can / It’s just like the weather
So quit complaining brother . . . . . . .
No one lives forever!!

Let’s have a party there’s a full moon in the sky
It’s the hour of the wolf and I don’t want to die

I’m so happy dancing while the grim reaper
Cuts, cuts, cuts
But he can’t get me (I’m as)
Clever as can be, and I’m very quick, but don’t forget
No one lives forever!!!

You think you got it rough / What about your darling doggy?
Ten short years / And he’s getting old and groggy
I don’t think it’s very fair
Cold, chop, low, but it’s all relative my friend ’cause
No one lives forever!!!
Let’s have a party there’s a full moon in the sky
It’s the hour of the wolf and I
Don’t want to die (but) . . .

No one beats him at his game
For very long but just the same
Who cares, there’s no place safe to hide
Nowhere to run–no time to cry
So celebrate while you still can
‘Cause any second it may end.
And when it’s all been said and done . . .
Better that you had some fun
Instead of hiding in a shell-Why make your life a living hell?
So have a toast, and down the cup
And drink to bones that turn to dust (’cause) . . .
No one, no one, no one, no one . . . . . . . (etc.)
No one lives forever!! (Hey!)


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